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Description of Boxing Cats Collectible Card Game (CCG)Fight fun auto-battles! Collect, evolve and fuse boxing cats in th

Description of Boxing Cats Collectible Card Game (CCG)

Fight fun auto-battles!

Collect, evolve and fuse boxing cats in this card battle game. Discover more than 100 cute, mean, proud, cocky, crazy, angry, thrashed, flirty boxing cats and boxing cat managers. Fight boxing cat battles in venues and unlock more venues on the map. Build boxing cat teams to attack other managers and to fend off their attacks.

Game Features:
– Easy on-boarding for clumsy cats.
– Fast progression for sneaky cats.
– AI fights for cowardly cats – real fights for brave cats (sort of).
– Boxing cat gyms to be conquered and defended.
– Best boxing cat card team wins (often).
– Monthly boxing cat managers' rankings.
– 100+ boxing cat cards with sundry cat races and moods.

Boxing Cats Collectible Card Game is the most casual card battler. It's the simplest Collectible Card Game (CCG) or Trading Card Game (TCG). It's also the card game featuring the quickest card battles, lasting anything from 5 seconds to a maximum of 60 seconds. Never interrupt and lose a card battle because of lack of time!

Collect cat cards, evolve boxing cats and fuse cards. Go through the map in single player mode by choosing card battle venues. Evolve mighty cards. Discover new and unique battle cards. Fuse rare cards that can't be bought in the booster pack shop and that can't be collected anywhere on the map.

Each collectible card has a common, unique indicator for defense strength and attack strength. Players only need this one number and the ability of the card to understand its overall power. This makes it easy and casual to learn and the card game is fun right from the first card battle on!

Boxing Cats CCG involves a distinctive card battle mechanism: the cards are dealt out randomly and turn-by-turn from each of the players' decks. These auto-battles define the strategy: the goal is to build card decks that have the best chance to beat the other players' card decks. Players fine-tune their strategy according to the opponents' decks and to their evolving knowledge of the cards' combos.

The same battle strategy must be applied in single player and PvP modes. The players control the outcome of the card battles by choosing the battle cards they include in their deck. Card battles are not controlled by an artificial intelligence and the outcome of the card battles is determined by the deck-building ability of the card players.

Boxing Cats CCG features only asynchronous PvP card battles. Never wait for an opponent to appear before starting a magic card battle! Never be mismatched against a very strong deck because there isn't any matching deck online! Never wait for a slow opponent to play his cards! Never lose because an AI did not play well on your behalf in this card-battler! Never lose because your mobile device went offline!

Devise the best strategies to win in Boxing Cats CCG. Combine battle cards that resist until the other player runs out of cards. Assemble cards that slow down the attacks of the opponent boxing cat cards. Select cards that crowd the battle-card arena. Choose the best cards to bypass the opponent boxing cats and attack the boxing cat manager direct. Deal out small damage to all opponent cards while healing your team cards.

Follow these card-battler advises to progress fast and to rank up to the top:
– Change battle cards in deck according to opponent!
– Test new battle card combos!
– Choose weak card battle venues!
– Better odds beat bad luck.
– Card combination beats card strength.
– Evolve battle cards whenever possible!
– Fused battle cards are stronger than the cards they are fused with.
– Higher Booster Packs are cheaper than single battle cards.
– Know your battle cards!

Play for fun! Play to win!

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Boxing Cats CCG is free to play, but one game currency can be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. A network connection is required to play.

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