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Description of Tarot cards. Love Tarot. Tarot Card Meanings.For many centuries peoples curiosity about mystical knowledg

Description of Tarot cards. Love Tarot. Tarot Card Meanings.

For many centuries people's curiosity about mystical knowledge has not ceased. Maps for centuries served as a tool for enlightenment and helped in the search for solutions to difficult problems, mysteries, and secrets, in prediction, and the interpretation of previous or past events. The secret of the power of the Tarot lies in the fact that with the help of images it is possible to be transferred to this or that situation, and by the interpretation of the veil of secrecy. In the process of studying the values of maps, you need to have a general idea of tarot cards and the features of their reading.

Basic knowledge of Tarot

Older Arkans are the main cards in the deck, because their meaning speaks of the plans and influences of the forces of the subtle world. Disclose important life situations and the spiritual world. Junior Arcana, as mentioned – these are the numerical and courtiers of the four suits. The suits symbolize a certain side of life. For example, the Wands is a symbol of passion, will, responsibility. But the Cups – this is an emotional state, love relationships, a creative beginning, a world of fantasies, and household members. Swords talk about mental processes, intellect, twists and turns in communication, problem situations and solutions. As for the Pentacles, it is a suit about well-being, money resources, worldly worries, health and carnal pleasures.

In divination it is common to compare, find associations, compatibility, coincidence. The most famous comparison in the Tarot cards is bright associations with the elements: the energy of the Wands is equated with the elements of fire, the energy of the Cup is compared with water, the energy of the Swords is called air close to the elements, and the dense energy of Pentacles is equated with the elements of the earth. With the help of the elements, one can better understand the energies that control events, and also successfully characterize people who take part in the events of one or another scenario. If you compare the elements and aspects of life, you can catch the connection and influence on each other. Fire is associated with passion, love experiences, and water – soul, talent. The air opens the veil of illusions, the earth as a dense substance is the definition of the material world.

Comparisons with animals are also used in the interpretation: The Lion is the suit of the Rod, the passion of the temperament of this animal, emphasizes the fiery energy. Bowls – Snake and Eagle, Swords – Man and Angel, Pentacles – Bull. Astrological analogies help to more accurately characterize the individuals described in the scenario. Rods include "fiery" zodiacal signs, Chalks are characterized by signs of water. Air zodiac signs, similar to the suit – Swords. Pentacles are earth signs. To masculine suit carry suit wands – enterprise, speed, responsibility. The suit of Swords is also a man's suit, reflecting active communicative and intellectual activity, but the Chashis are considered female consorts – creative natures, excess of feelings, and Pentacles are materialistic persons, distinguished by diligence.

The older Arkans symbolize the influence of the forces of the Subtle World, much more significant events and influences. The younger Arkans talk about those who are in this or that environment. These are people, places and events from the ordinary, everyday life of the requesting layout. After the deck was shuffled and made a layout, the cards begin to interact with each other and complement the description. Inverted maps do not always take into account, it all depends on the features of reading the layout. In the traditional interpretation of the Tarot – there are generally accepted values of inverted maps or only the influence of this map on the layout is taken into account.

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